My intention was to create a “sharing experience” trough the process of ceramic production. To do so, I tried to involve both the user and the craftsman equally into the entire process to create a stronger connection to the final product. Therefore, I wanted to highlight the traces, the craftsman is leaving on his creation during the making. I was inspired by the old manufacturing techniques, because here you can see the fingerprints of the craftsman in every object.
This gives the object an individual character. I adapt this principle in my design: the craftsman shapes the handle with his hands. According to his/her own preferences to hold a cup. Thereby they leave fingerprints on the handle. For my prototypes I was testing this with people from my personal environment. All results are individual and showing the different ways of holding a cup. The handles are made out of slipclay remains, those who are in the reservoir of the mold. These are otherwise thrown away.
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