This project was focused on the innovative material Karuun, made from tropical plant rattan. This material has three-dimensional features, like plastic.
PAK 1 
Pak 1 highlights these new possibilities of the material Karuun. The holders of the wardrobe are made by rolling up, pressing and bending the Veneer. The bar is hold in place by being clamped in with the Karuun elements.
Pak 2 is based on the same new ways of pipe deformations.It consists of three spars, held together by one connective Karuun element. A 50 cm long spar can be fixed on your favourite point on the wall and serves as a clothes rail. Koneksi and the other two spars, do then compose the strut of the wardrobe. The last part of the installation is the fixing part – when you spin the string between the two spars, Koneksi is closed.
in cooperation with Florian Henschel & Out for Space.
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