Hooked was created as part of a technical course dealing with aluminium mould casting.
Pulp Fiction 
Pulpe is a sustainable material and consist of recycled paper and water. In the „Pulp fiction“ the focus laid on the making of moulds for the pulp form production. Besides the aspects of mould making and the production of pulp elements, our focus was the addition of natural colour like beetroot to the paper fibres. Our main goal was to increase the value of recycled paper and present them in a complete new product area.Pulpe is more than just a packaging material, and in the end we decided to design a three-part product line for  working spaces. The series consist of one pencil holder, one memo/ post-its box and one pencil case. The material is perfect for this application, to make the pulp we used "old" drawing paper and used it for a new purpose.
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