How, where and by whom are everyday products actually manufactured? The motivation behind this project is to generate a new understanding and appreciation for everyday products and the manufacturing process by involving the consumer. With the help of a website, an individual product can be designed and implemented through modular, manufactured plaster molds.Customers get to be a part of the progress which succeeds in a higher understanding for the manufacturing process.
Our everyday life is mainly equipped with products that bring a certain anonymity with them due to their intransparent production. The result of this anonymity is the loss of the appreciation we have for these products. At the beginning of industrialization, a new type of products was established, limited to simple geometries. But these changes also led to a predictability in the language of shapes. Within this work, it is possible to break this predictability through the modular form construction. 
How can users be integrated more strongly into the design process in order to generate greater appreciation for the product and its manufacturing? So a medium must be chosen that is accessible to many. It is possible to design one's own product using a website. By dividing the form into segments, objects can be created in different heights and arrangements. These differences in size are otherwise associated with high manufacturing costs. In the further course, the users are informed about the individual manufacturing steps of their objects. Special attention is paid to the people involved in the process.
Research and Process

"The modular mold" was awarded with the Green Card for  "Ambiente Talents" 2022 
Upcoming exhibitions
Ambiente Talents, Frankfurt 2023
Talente / HWK expo, München 2022
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